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zyl1994 2022-06-13

It may be because you work in a hospital and have seen reports before that MDPI is not easily accepting submissions from domestic medical units. I submitted to a university, and I don't know any editors. Some were rejected immediately, while others were accepted after revisions. Overall, I feel that it is relatively formal.

猫猫小女子 2021-08-21

When I submitted my first article, it was rejected. After making revisions, I submitted it again and it was rejected once more. I was not satisfied and added some experiments before submitting it again. Finally, it was accepted. Now, the impact factor of this journal has exceeded 6. I feel that it is becoming increasingly difficult to submit articles. I estimate that it may drop in the ranking next year, but I am optimistic about the potential increase in the impact factor.

猫猫小女子 2021-03-20

It's not that I'm saying anything, I work in oncology. I submitted my paper to this journal unexpectedly, and it got published. I didn't intentionally aim for this journal, but the review process was very fast. There were two reviewers and one research editor, and they provided a lot of comments. The key point is that their feedback was very professional. I even suspected that my field might have ended up in the hands of these three individuals. One reviewer seemed like they were rejecting the paper, while the other two suggested major revisions. The editor ultimately decided on major revisions and requested additional experiments. After 20 days, I resubmitted the revised paper, and it underwent another round of major revisions, although the changes were not extensive. I don't think it can be considered as a major revision. I resubmitted it within 10 days, and I will receive the results in the next couple of days. Overall, I feel that this journal is quite professional. Once you see the reviewers' comments, you will understand. They pointed out everything that you might be afraid of being asked, which made me quite nervous. Although the publication fee is expensive, I still hope for acceptance. After all, the revisions were quite difficult. I will come back with good news if there is any, and if there is no news, it means bad news.

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