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letpubyan 2023-04-25

This journal cannot be seen in the status of submission. After submitting, it quickly goes under review, and I don't know the progress.

盛依米 2022-10-16

Is it allowed to have co-authors?

哥天牛 2022-06-30

The person upstairs belongs to the group of colleagues led by Wei Wenbin.

sallyjoya 2022-02-15

The article on ophthalmic artificial intelligence is overall very innovative, but technically it is a refinement of previous work. It was submitted to Nature, Science, Ophthalmology, and JAMA Ophthalmology, but it didn't even get a chance to be reviewed. On October 31, 2020, it was resubmitted to this journal, and on January 21, 2021, we received a letter from the editor. Based on the tone, we inferred that they were already 90% inclined to accept it and requested a response within three weeks. The three reviewers they invited are well-known experts in the industry who highly appreciate our research but also raised professional questions. After we replied on time, we received the confirmation of acceptance and DOI number on March 18. We made three revisions and it was published on May 5. The entire communication process was professional and fast. Of course, the prerequisite was that the content of the article had to be good.

kuku1116 2021-12-19

After the first review, I received an acceptance letter in about half a month. I am very happy and hope that all my friends can give this journal a try. The quality of the articles is good, and the future looks promising!

kuku1116 2021-12-08

The content is quite clever, so the editorial department generally considers it for publication after some minor revisions. However, the opinions of the third reviewer are still somewhat complex, mainly involving several modifications to the description of the statistical plan. The quality of the paper is high, as the real-time Impact Factor (IF) is already close to 10. As mentioned above, it is expected to reach 11-12 this year. Interested children can give it a try. It is an open-access journal, with slightly lower requirements compared to professional journals.

大阳 2021-11-20

The level of the magazines published by JNO is getting higher and higher now, and it feels like the impact factor will be similar to JAMA Surgery! In the future, it is expected to maintain around 12-13 points.

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