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贵在坚持 2023-07-01

Excuse me, what is the current result? Any new progress?

新蓝 2023-06-25

I have been waiting for more than 20 days, and it is still under review. Is this normal?

一定要中啊拜托 2023-04-08

The publishing scale is relatively loose. The layout fee is 1800 Swiss francs. There may be a price increase in the second half of this year.

一定要中啊拜托 2023-04-08

pending review, approximately one week, very soon

wwwwac 2023-03-30

How long does "pending review" usually take?

wwwwac 2023-03-30

May I ask how long will it take for your pending review?

wwwwac 2023-03-30

May I ask how long does pending review usually take?

一定要中啊拜托 2023-02-01

2022-12-22 Submission
2023-01-10 Major revision, 10-day deadline, 2 reviewers, differing opinions, the first reviewer had 4 "yes" and 2 "must", the second reviewer had 3 "can" and 3 "must", overall very comprehensive and detailed.
2023-01-18 Submitted after modifications.
2023-01-25 Accepted.
2023-01-31 Published online, searchable on SCI after approximately 1 month.

英健 2022-09-18

August 18, 2022, submission
September 4, 2022, major revision, deadline 10 days, 3 reviewers
September 13, 2022, submission after revision
September 14, 2022, editorial decision
September 18, 2022, accepted.

yigexue 2022-01-06

How much is the layout fee?

EX-Engineer 2021-12-07

Is it easy or not, I want to submit a paper to a relatively lenient journal.

gamesgenesis 2021-07-28

6.10 submission
6.20 major revision, received comments from five reviewers
6.28 revision
7.8 minor revision, received comments from two reviewers
7.10 revision
7.28 acceptance

Overall, it is a decent journal in MDPI, and the impact factor is expected to increase significantly in the future.

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