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yycaicwt 2022-11-14

The review and response speed is very fast, plus the acceptance of revisions for one and a half months.

yuxiang 2022-08-16

I don't have any particular high aspirations. I was recommended to submit to this magazine by someone else. I waited for almost three months before the reviewer replied to my message. The first reviewer accepted it right away, while the second reviewer provided more than forty suggestions, including spelling errors, but overall it was constructive. After making revisions within 14 days, it was accepted in less than a week. Oh well, I'm just a mediocre student with no aspirations, as long as it's accepted.

大虎 2022-05-10

Addendum: The reviewers are still very professional. After minor revisions, it was accepted on May 9th.

大虎 2022-02-22

After reading, it is a warning journal with low risk. I felt a little nervous when submitting. I submitted it on February 16th, and received a review opinion on February 21st, which was fairly reasonable. Now I am waiting for another reviewer's opinion, hoping for good luck.

夜行侠 2022-01-19

Do I have to submit the original data for the submission?

bai 2021-12-05

Iron hammer comes, iron hammer comes, iron hammer comes, iron hammer comes.

hl123456789 2021-11-01

I have already submitted it, and two reviewers have provided their feedback within a month. I have made the necessary revisions and sent it back. However, the editor has not given any updates yet. I initially thought it was almost done, but after seeing your experience, I suddenly became very worried.

龚猪儿 2021-04-28

Post on October 31, 2020. On April 12, 2021, I received feedback from two external reviewers asking me to revise the article. On April 12, the editor emailed me asking for revisions, with a deadline of 21 days. However, on April 21, my article was unexpectedly rejected without any explanation. It was quite arbitrary to reject it without giving me a chance to make the revisions. I hadn't even made the revisions yet, and it wasted a lot of my effort. I emailed the editor a week later to inquire about the status, but both the editor and the journal ignored my emails. Recently, I discovered that the reputation of the journal under Frontiers is not good. Many authors have experienced delays, with the editor claiming they couldn't find reviewers and asking authors to recommend their own. Furthermore, they even requested me to cite and send them nine articles, which is quite disgusting.

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