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Note: Verified reviews are sourced from across review platforms and social media globally.

投稿小赵 2022-07-19

The journal requires proof of language, not necessarily for polishing, just a document will suffice. You can find a template online and make some modifications.

SleepAngela 2022-06-15

I also found out that if you don't edit your work, it won't be accepted for submission. If it gets rejected, wouldn't it be a big loss?

H---T 2021-08-27

How long does it take to receive the revised manuscript after sending it back for modification?

流年如絮 2021-07-15

It is difficult to obtain an invoice. I paid the fee in April but have not received the invoice until July.

喜洋洋 2021-06-02

Do you need to send the ethical approval document over?

H---T 2021-05-08

Must have ethics, language proof, statistical proof, informed consent, in order to submit, approaching February, no news.

liliyaoyu 2021-04-28

Hello, may I ask if you have proofread the English document? Is the final layout expensive?

流年如絮 2021-04-24

The article was submitted in December 2020 and accepted on April 23, 2021, with one major revision in between. The page fee is not less than 15579.

你大铁 2021-04-21

The layout fee is very high, over 2000 dollars. Be cautious when submitting contributions, but it is relatively easy to get published. The acceptance criteria have been gradually lowering in the past two years, so it is unsure if it is possible to be removed from the list. The review process is okay, although it is done quickly, there is a long period of inactivity, which is quite frustrating.

zhuxiao 2021-03-21

Hello, may I ask if it is convenient for you to inform me of the title of your article?

77qi 2021-03-05

Non-native English speakers are required to have a language certification. Four language institutions were recommended, with a price of over six hundred dollars. Otherwise, they cannot submit their articles. I would like to ask if this is the case for everyone.

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