Verified Reviews - Nature Plants
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蒙多拉的情 2022-12-21

The review committee will send an email notification to the corresponding author.

xiaomoxu 2021-09-02

Same question, will we receive an email for the review? Thank you for answering.

xiaoguanghuan 2021-02-23

May I ask if the editor will send an email notification after submission for review?

xiaoguanghuan 2021-02-23

May I ask if there is an email notification sent to the editor for review?

亮08 2021-01-22

The translation of the text into English is: "nplants is a journal abbreviation for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which focuses on plant-related research. Plant Cell is another journal that also specializes in plant biology."

storyhare 2021-01-13

Which one is more difficult to submit, Nature Plants or Plant Cell? I know that Plant Cell does not require high innovation but demands high research integrity. I'm not sure about the requirements for research integrity and innovation in Nature Plants.

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