Grant Name
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
United States
Research Area
Medicine, Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
Grant Size
Up to 315,000 USD with total funding of 315,000 USD
Contact Info
Non-profit Organizations, Academic Institutions
Grant Number
The purpose of the Children’s Healthy Learning Environments Grant Initiative is to provide capacity building to address children’s environmental health in school and childcare settings. The Children’s Healthy Learning Environments Grant Initiative provides funding directly to organizations to support school- and/or childcare center-based capacity building projects that help school communities understand and address local environmental and public health issues that affect children. Capacity building projects are projects that improve the organization’s long-term effectiveness and sustainability through management practices,implementation, and dedication to achieving results towards children’s environmental health.The physical environments in which children develop play a critical role in their health,development, and safety. Children, from the fetal stage through adolescence, are in a dynamic state of growth as their nervous, respiratory, reproductive and immune systems develop and mature. Because of these developing systems, children are more vulnerable to permanent and irreversible damage from environmental hazards than adults. Distinct environments like childcare and school-based settings have unique characteristics related not only to the degree and route of exposure but also to the timing of exposures. Reducing exposures to unhealthy school and childcare settings through the adoption of healthy indoor environment best practices can lead to improving children’s health, attendance, concentration, and performance.

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