Cyber Asymmetric Force Applications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Grant Name
Cyber Asymmetric Force Applications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
U.S. Department of Defense
United States
Research Area
Social Sciences, Human Factors and Ergonomics
Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
September 30, 2021
Grant Size
Up to 10,000,000 USD with total funding of 49,900,000 USD
Contact Info
Zaleski,Philip(BAA Manger)
Grant Number
The Air Force ResearchLaboratory is soliciting white papers under this Broad Agency Announcement(BAA) for research, development, integration, test and evaluation oftechnologies/techniques to advance the technology and/or increase theknowledge, understanding and capability of cyber operations technologies thatcan address current Department of Defense (DoD) gaps in operational asymmetriccampaigns and force protection capabilities through rapid prototyping efforts. This includes integration research into technology andapproaches to better equip the warfighter. Concepts at the intersection of theareas of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Warfare (EW) and Cyber Operationstechnologies are sought in this Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). Developmentproposals, specifically as applies to new ideas/concepts for practicalapplication, are of interest.

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September 30, 2021

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