Strategic Grants for Internationalisation

Grant Name
Strategic Grants for Internationalisation
STINT: Stiftelsen for Internationalisering av Hogre Utbildning och Forskning
Research Area
Agriculture and Food Sciences
Area Studies
Arts and Humanities
Business, Management and Commerce
Energy Sciences
Exchange Programs
Health and Medicine
Higher Education
International Education
Natural and Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Technology
Social Sciences
March 11, 2022
Grant Size
Upper 5,000,000 krSEK Funds applied for in a project may not exceed SEK 2 million per participating Swedish university and SEK 5 million in total (for joint applications with several Swedish universities). The activities covered by the proposed project must be completed before the end of 2024, i.e. the maximum allowed project duration with STINT funding is approximately 3 years.
Contact Info
Agneta Granlund
Applications to the programme should be submitted by the president of a Swedish university.
Academic actors play an important role in a rapidly changing world facing global and local challenges. Academic freedom, openness and international collaboration are all ingredients facilitating sustainable development. Internationalisation brings opportunities to enhance education, strengthen research and support innovation and services. Ambitious and creative strategic internationalisation initiatives are demanding but often also rewarding. With Strategic Grants for Internationalisation, STINT contributes to such initiatives at university level. This programme is aimed at the university leadership. Applications should incorporate strategically important internationalisation initiatives which also utilise the experience and dedication of individual leaders in their field at each university. If the project has a geographic focus, it should be outside the EU/EFTA. Eligibility Applications to the programme should be submitted by the president of a Swedish university.

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March 11, 2022

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