Afsaneh Taheri Kal-Koshvandi

Iran Iran University of Science and Technology


Commented on Postdoctoral Fellowship
Afsaneh Taheri is a Ph.D., Organic Chemist who worked under the guidance of Professor Majid M Heravi, Senior Principal Scientist, Department of Chemistry, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran. She has 3 years of PostDoc experience, Also, she has excellent writing expertise, with one paper on trends in analytical chemistry about optical biosensors by herself IF= 15. Afsaneh Taheri is experienced in: Scientific (Organic chemistry; Click chemistry; Pharma (drug design, drug delivery); Biological chemistry (MS-based proteomics, photo-proximity protein labeling tools,..); Material Chemistry (porous compounds, nanomagnetic-composite polymers, hydrogel,..); Analytical chemistry (biosensors)); and Chemical engineering (Deep Eutectic Solvents based tools for desulfurization, pollutant removals, toxic gas adsorption,…). Afsaneh Taheri has more than 12 years of work experience in organic and material chemistry with 2 years of experience in mass spectroscopy-based proteomics; protein labeling tools, cell culture, protein/RNA/DNA labeling, photo-uncaging, protein-protein interaction, protein chromatography, mass spectroscopy, statistical data analysis, bioinformatics, protein modification, post-translational modifications, labeling tools and other related analysis. I am looking for a research opportunity.