Lakshmi Nilakantan

India University of Missouri, Columbia

Published in 2018
Electronic Interactions Mediated by Cobalt dicarbolide Linker: Experimental and DFT study
Authors: Kothanda Rama Pichaandi, Lakshmi NIlakantan, Alexander V. Safronov, Yulia V. Sevryugina, Satish S. Jalisatgi, M. Frederick Hawthorne
Journal: Europian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
An interesting paper on a molecular machine based on metallocarborane
Published in 2017
Synthesis, characterization and DFT study of digold(II) naphth-di-yl complex
Authors: LakshmiNilakantan, Kothanda RamaPichaandi, Mahdi M.Abu-Omar, David R.McMillin, Paul R.Sharp
Journal: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry
A unique one step synthesis for digold(II) complex with direct Au-Au bond
Published in 2016
Emissive Biphenyl Cyclometalated Gold(III) Diethyl Dithiocarbamate Complexes
Authors: Lakshmi Nilakantan, David R. McMillin, Paul R. Sharp
Journal: Organometallics
A very interesting experimental and intuitive DFT investigation on the Gold (III) complexes
Published in 2008
Nano titanium oxide catalyst support for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Authors: N.Rajalakshmi, N.Lakshmi, K.S.Dhathathreyan
Journal: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
A fundamental paper on fuel cell. Have got 120 citations so far and counting!!!
Published in 2006
Functionalization of various carbons for proton exchange membrane fuel cell electrodes: analysis and characterization
Authors: N Lakshmi, N Rajalakshmi and K S Dhathathreyan
Journal: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Interesting paper on proton exchange fuel cell membranes