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liuliushang 2021-03-11

In WOS, this journal represents 8% of the plant science category. Although JIPB was also placed in Zone 1 with only 7%, the excellent plan can be understood, haha.


The journal has a high quality and transparent peer review process. I have a little confusion though. This journal has already entered the top 5% in the field of plant science (20/431), and it is a top-tier journal. But why is it not listed in Zone 1 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)? Isn't Zone 1 supposed to be the top 5% according to CAS classification?

姚宇 2021-02-24

Don't insult postdoctoral fellows and doctors.

姚宇 2021-02-24

Hahaha, I just find it funny. That person kept exaggerating and overreacting. How could a scientific research expert possibly have the leisure to do such things? Even someone like me, a novice, doesn't have time to do this. I originally wanted to see the evaluation of this journal, but after seeing his language, it's really a huge joke. I couldn't help but type a few words.

chen1965 2021-02-18

Every journal has its reason for existence, so do not excessively belittle it. Everyone has to take one step at a time, and many people are unable to publish in this journal.

chen1965 2021-02-18

Of course, objectively speaking, it cannot be ruled out that some people have done things so poorly that they cannot even be considered for this. Just pretend I didn't say anything.

chen1965 2021-02-18

So don't say it like that. This journal can be published if you pay. I think it's great.

chen1965 2021-02-18

Although this is the case, most people's good conditions and efforts can only be submitted to this kind of low-quality publication, and the score might be slightly higher. Only by submitting to free, well-established journals can one receive a score of 1 point something.

chen1965 2021-02-18

If my graduate school scholarship doesn't reach 3 points, I will consider applying for this one. However, it shouldn't be too bad either. Just sharing this for everyone's reference, decide for yourself.

chen1965 2021-02-18

This is a very good journal in this field. As long as the content is not unreadable, you can get published by paying. This will be our 10th publication this year, but we haven't been encouraging submissions in the past two years. We still recommend graduate students to submit their papers. Just pay and you're good to go!

向大牛学习 2021-01-11

My first one was fast, the second one is still under independent review, so slow.

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