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ice-paprika 2022-03-07

May I ask if we haven't reached the interactive review stage yet, do we need to reply to the review comments one by one? We already have one review comment now.

王小王子 2022-03-07

There were three reviewers, all minor revisions, and the paper was accepted directly after the revisions. I would like to ask those who were previously accepted, how long did it take for you to receive the notification for online proof after receiving the email notification for your article? I have been waiting for almost two weeks and have not received any notification from the school. How long did you wait during that time?

Received date: 07 Jan 2022
Editorial assignment start date: 02 Feb 2022
Independent review start date: 09 Feb 2022
Interactive review activated date: 19 Feb 2022
Review finalized date: 21 Feb 2022
Final validation date: 25 Feb 2022

易之 2022-02-24

It is recommended to respond to each item under the questions raised by the reviewing expert. You can reply after each reviewer's opinion is presented. 2022-02-24

Hello, I would like to ask, after the first reviewer gives their comments, can I see them in the system? Should I reply immediately? Or should I wait until all three reviewers have finished reviewing my paper and given their comments before replying? Because I noticed that there is a "reply" button in the system to reply via email.

BinCheng 2022-02-18

05 Jan 2022: Manuscript submitted.
15 Jan 2022: Reviewer 1 is finalized.
21 Jan 2022: Reviewer 3 is finalized.
22 Jan 2022: Reviewer 2 is finalized.
22 Jan 2022: Reviewer 4 is finalized.
29 Jan 2022: Reviewer 5 is finalized.
29 Jan 2022: Revise the manuscript.
07 Feb 2022: Re-submitted manuscript.
16 Feb 2022: Review by Review Editor 2 finalized.
15 Feb 2022: Review by Review Editor 3 finalized.
14 Feb 2022: Review by Review Editor 5 finalized.
17 Feb 2022: Article accepted for publication.

BinCheng 2022-02-17

Overall, the efficiency is very high. After the first review, five reviewers provided their feedback. Two weeks later, all the modification suggestions were returned. Three reviewers agreed to accept the changes, one suggested minor revisions, and one suggested major revisions. The editor gave three days for the authors to make the necessary modifications. However, due to the Chinese New Year holiday, it took an additional seven days for the authors to send the modified manuscript back to the editor. Approximately two weeks after submitting the revised manuscript, four reviewers agreed to publish it. One reviewer who agreed to accept the changes did not provide any feedback for a long time. The editor may have been unable to wait any longer and therefore revoked that reviewer's status.

glorypan 2022-02-15

How long did it take for you to see the final paper after you were hired and proofread it?

zsy-ujs 2022-01-24

Handling Editor
Received date: 20 Dec 2021
Editorial assignment start date: 21 Dec 2021
Independent review start date: 26 Dec 2021
Interactive review activated date: 05 Jan 2022
Review finalized date: 19 Jan 2022
Final validation date: 21 Jan 2022
Article accepted for publication: 21 Jan 2022

00+11 2022-01-24

I submitted to Frontiers in Plant Science and currently have three reviewers. Two reviewers have agreed to accept, but one has declined. I would like to ask, how likely is it that my submission will be accepted? It is currently still in the editing process.

00+11 2022-01-24

The journal "Frontiers in Plant Science" currently has three reviewers. Two reviewers have agreed to accept the submission, while one has rejected it. What is the likelihood of acceptance and is it still in the editing process?

00+11 2022-01-24

The translation of the text is as follows:

The journal Frontiers in Plant Science, to which I submitted, currently has three reviewers. Two reviewers have agreed to accept, while one has rejected. I would like to know the likelihood of acceptance, as it is still in the editing process at the moment.

Awper 2022-01-20

If this journal can be listed in the first district, it would be absolutely outrageous...

连雨飘 2022-01-14

The classification used by the Chinese Academy of Sciences is generally based on the average ranking of the impact factor within the past three years, rather than automatically including journals within the top 5% this year. Additionally, there are many domestic journals that are favorably treated, and those who understand, know.

蒙古栎 2022-01-14

How long does it take to receive and publish?

weichaowong 2022-01-13

Do I need to upload the payment proof? How can I upload it?

weichaowong 2022-01-13

Excuse me, do I need to upload proof of payment? How do I upload it?

川柏 2022-01-13

12 Jan 2022 Review of Review Editor 2 finalized.
04 Jan 2022 Review of Review Editor 1 finalized.
25 Dec 2021 Re-submitted manuscript
29 Nov 2021 Review 1&2 finished
19 Oct 2021 Submitted


12 Jan 2022 Finalized review of Review Editor 2.
04 Jan 2022 Finalized review of Review Editor 1.
25 Dec 2021 Re-submitted manuscript.
29 Nov 2021 Finished reviews 1 and 2.
19 Oct 2021 Submitted.

BinCheng 2022-01-11

Posted on January 5, 2022, and displayed an independent review on January 10.

HYT19870425 2022-01-08

When submitting, the system will provide several candidate editors based on keywords. Choose the one that is closest to your research direction. After one week, it will enter the independent review stage. Two weeks later, two review opinions will be received: one major revision and one minor revision. The interactive review interface will be activated, and during the modification process, a third reviewer's opinion will be received, which is also a major revision. Two weeks later, the modifications will be submitted. One of the reviewers who suggested major revisions does not agree to publish, so the editor rejects it. Overall, it took about one and a half months, not wasting too much time. Some of the review opinions are still very useful and have higher language requirements. It is recommended to carefully modify the language before submitting.

Jyking000 2021-12-30

I would like to ask the seniors here, how long does it usually take to find the WOS accession number after publication? It was published in early December 2021, but by the end of December, it still cannot be retrieved.

易之 2021-12-29

It seems to only accept plants or agricultural crops direction.

猫猫爱玉 2021-12-27

Excuse me, may I ask if this journal is a journal in the field of agriculture or plant and animal sciences in ESI?

科研大实话 2021-12-26

Good journal, top in the second zone, hope to upgrade to the first zone soon!

易之 2021-12-17

There is a delay application in the upper right corner of the system.

weichaowong 2021-12-13

May I ask where to submit the application for submitting a revised manuscript for the frontiers of plant science? Is it in the system?

快乐的小丸子 2021-12-02

In the Interactive Review phase, the magazine will send you an email notification, giving you a time for revisions. Now, after replying to each item in Word, you can simply reply uniformly on the magazine's response system interface.

快乐的小丸子 2021-12-02

One thousand readers, one thousand Hamlets. Therefore, the articles in the magazine vary in quality. Personally, I think this magazine is quite good. The editorial review process is fast, and the reviewers' opinions are fair and reasonable. Previously, I submitted to Plant Physiology, and one reviewer agreed to accept it. However, I encountered another reviewer in the same field who held a different opinion. They raised overly strict questions and after making efforts to complete the experiments, they came up with a bunch of new questions. As a result, I knew it was difficult to continue and switched to Journal of Experimental Botany. Unfortunately, I encountered the same reviewer again, which caused me to have psychological shadows when submitting manuscripts and resulted in a long delay for this article. I submitted to Frontiers in Plant Science on October 29th and received the opinions of two reviewers on November 10th. They gave me 10 days to make revisions. Later, when the revision time was not enough, I applied for a one-week extension. I submitted the revised manuscript on November 26th and received a response from the second reviewer on November 29th, stating that there was a small issue that needed to be addressed in the discussion. On the evening of December 1st, at 22:30, I submitted the revised manuscript and at 22:50, the second reviewer agreed to publish it. On December 2nd, the first reviewer also agreed to publish it, and the article was accepted. I would like to thank the two reviewers for their insightful questions, and I am grateful to the editor.

其实,楠木可以 2021-11-29

Hello, I would like to ask whether I should reply separately in the email to the two reviewers who provided their opinions on the manuscript, or if I should reply collectively through the submission system. Currently, I have only received feedback from two reviewers and we are still in the independent stage.

其实,楠木可以 2021-11-29

Hello, I would like to ask if we should reply separately via email to the two reviewers who provided their opinions on the manuscript, or if we should reply collectively through the submission system? Currently, we only have feedback from two reviewers and we are still in the independent stage. It is urgent.

其实,楠木可以 2021-11-29

submitted date: 08 Jan 2019
editorial assignment start date: 30 Jan 2019
independent review start date: 03 Feb 2019
interactive review activated date: 26 Apr 2019
review finalized date: 31 May 2019
final validation date: 18 Jun 2019

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