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jxing 2023-03-07

May I ask if there is any update on the status? I am also in the same situation. I have been reviewing for a week and there has been no change. The editors have not been assigned either.

IMZ 2023-03-06

Check out the link to the warning list, I'm curious.

yijinsha 2023-03-04

Can the small category 1 area be considered as the 1st area?

bb111 2023-02-27

Hahahahaha, the new editor-in-chief is awesome, directly promoted to Zone 1, ahahaahahahahahaha

windscloud 2023-02-25

This journal has both big and small years, and this year it has become slower. It takes about 3 months from submission to the first review. If it is not purely in the field of botany or biology, it is generally difficult to find reviewers. For agricultural engineering or interdisciplinary subjects involving science and agriculture, it is advisable to submit with caution. There is a possibility that you may not find a reviewer and your submission may be rejected in the end.

redaiyulin 2023-02-11

That means this reviewer is useless, we still need to find two more? It's really difficult to find reviewers.

徐毛毛 2023-02-10

I did the same thing. I sent an email to the editorial department and found out that although the official website shows three reviewers, there are actually only two. Without the opinion of Reviewer 1, you can directly reply to Reviewers 2 and 3.

徐毛毛 2023-02-10

Fast review speed, the opinions proposed by experts are very pertinent, and the journal will be launched in 2 months.

萌小 2023-02-07

Posted on January 31, 2023, and now it's February 7th, still stuck in the initial validation stage, and no associate editor assigned. How long will this status continue? Should I remind them?

redaiyulin 2023-02-06

28 Jan 2023 Review of Reviewer 1 is finalized.
Why have I not received any comments from Reviewer 1 until now...

石墨烯111 2023-02-04

What kind of top is this? It's just a nonsense rubbish journal. It's normal to be warned and blacklisted.

David zhou 2023-02-04

2021 Peking University School of Geography Warning List -

I am very surprised. Top journals can also be warned? It is impressive that a plant science journal can be included in the warning list for the geography field.

David zhou 2023-02-04

This is not strict at all, it is just deliberately reducing the number of posts by Chinese people.

David zhou 2023-02-04

Are the big shots at China Agricultural University still on the warning list for this magazine?

David zhou 2023-02-04

The Frontiers series has been blacklisted by many institutions. There is too much self-citation and watered-down content. The article quality is generally poor, with only a few meeting average standards. The classification by the Chinese Academy of Sciences is considered a joke.

yijinsha 2023-01-24

We have an article that is also the case. It indicates that the magazine has become more stringent in its review process, and we hope that the impact factor will surpass 7.

yijinsha 2023-01-24

The reviewer is very professional and an expert in the field. The questions raised greatly improve the paper!

伞南星 2023-01-23

October 2022 submission, still no news, feeling very anxious.

曲蔚然士大夫 2023-01-13

Did you finally get hired?

中华复兴 2023-01-10

Highly demanding journal

相忘于江湖 2023-01-06

It takes 30 days from submission to acceptance, and the processing speed is quite fast. The opinions of the reviewers are very fair, rigorous, and of high quality.

lyyyyzzz 2022-12-29

25 days, the deputy editor has not been assigned, people are frustrated.

恋旧的猫 2022-12-27

It has been 19 days since I submitted, but there has been no response yet. May I ask what's the situation?

lyyyyzzz 2022-12-20

It has been 16 days and it is still in the EA phase.

rjinxx 2022-12-07

Now it is under review.

KWJ 2022-12-05

May I ask if the current status has changed?

rjinxx 2022-11-21

Editor assigned for 9 days, no progress at all.

yyonhwe 2022-11-19

18 Nov 2022 - Article accepted for publication.
15 Nov 2022 - Review of Review Editor 1 finalized.
10 Nov 2022 - Review of Review Editor 2 finalized.
09 Nov 2022 - Submitting Author Yonghui Yang re-submitted manuscript.
You posted new comments.
You posted new comments.
07 Nov 2022 - Associate Editor Paolo Sabbatini reactivated the review of Review Editor 2.
Interactive review forum activated.
20 Jul 2022 - Submitting Author Yonghui Yang submitted manuscript.

yyonhwe 2022-11-16

Posted on July 20th, reviewed on July 29th, received a review comment on August 13th, and then it was ignored. Finally, on November 7th, a second review comment was received and entered into the Interactive Review process. Two days later, modification suggestions were submitted, and on the same day, an endorsed publication was obtained. On the 15th, the second endorsed publication was received, and now waiting for the final decision from the editor-in-chief. There should have been three reviewers initially, but due to the long waiting time (over 3 months), only two reviewers are left.

邹晓曼 2022-11-11

Hello, do I need to reply after receiving the comments from the first reviewer? Or should I wait until the review report is available and reply collectively? Thank you for your response!

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