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cherry110 2021-04-16

Do the documents for first-time submission need to be formatted according to the formal publication format of a research paper?

纸杯盛酒 2021-04-02

2020.12.17 Submitted
2021.2.1 First-instance opinion
2021.3.4 Revised
2020.4.2 Accepted (the journal is good, the editor is good, the reviewers...)
Can graduate now.

纸杯盛酒 2021-03-30

2020.12.17投 - Submitted on December 17, 2020
2021.2.1一审回 - First review returned on February 1, 2021
2021.3.4修回 - Revised on March 4, 2021
现在3.30了还在审稿人手上 - It is now March 30, and it is still in the hands of the reviewer.

XCY 2021-03-29

2021.01.26 Submit
2021.02.22 Major revision, minor revisions from two reviewers, positive suggestions
2021.02.26 Revise and resubmit
2021.03.08 Accepted
Got two papers accepted by NJC (New Journal of Chemistry), the review process under RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) is really fast. I recommend everyone to submit and cite, let's increase the impact factor~

xuezha 2021-03-11

2.27投稿 translates to "Submitted on 2.27" in English.
3.10接收 translates to "Received on 3.10" in English.

xiaomaoll 2021-03-02

I've come to fulfill my vow!
January 9th - Submission
January 31st - Received major and minor revisions
February 11th - Resubmission for revisions
February 23rd - Accepted
NJC is really fast, allowing me to write my thesis with peace of mind and wait for graduation. I highly recommend it to my fellow workers who have a sufficient workload but lack innovation!

凉茶1 2021-02-10

Posted on January 5th, major revisions on January 21st, returned for further revisions on February 2nd, accepted on February 9th.

奶茶三兄弟 2021-02-04

Returned review comments 9 days after the initial submission, with a minor revision and a request to resubmit the manuscript. The editor approved the resubmission. After 20 days, the article was modified and immediately uploaded for review. After an agonizing wait of 10 days, it was accepted (by the same reviewer as before). NJC is very fast, so students who are eager to graduate can submit their manuscripts.
Before the Chinese New Year, the article was accepted, finally relieving the worry of graduation. Thank you to the reviewer and editor!

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