Note: Verified reviews are sourced from across review platforms and social media globally. 2022-08-01

The slow initial assessment may last for about a week. 2022-08-01

8.1 acceptance is very fast, taking about 40 days from submission, through major revisions, and acceptance. The two rounds of peer review took a total of about 20 days. Every time, after posting updates on this platform, we quickly moved on to the next step.

leoliuyb 2022-08-01

The transfer came on the 27th, and as of August 1st, it is still in the initial assessment.

王王王 2022-08-01

My initial assessment is also ongoing. 2022-08-01

8.1 in peer review has exceeded the allotted time. I am eagerly awaiting to receive good news soon.

zifengtaxue 2022-07-30

The minor revision manuscript that I submitted on July 13 is still under review until now. It has taken up the time for the first review, and the second review is indeed a bit slow. 2022-07-29

7.29 is still in peer review.

独行豆豆 2022-07-28

Display peer review, but the date hasn't changed. Are you in this situation?

云玩家 2022-07-26

Submitted another Communication on July 9th, received minor revisions after 2 weeks on July 26th, and finally accepted. It took a total of 17 days, still very quick!! I accidentally came across this journal online, recommended by a netizen. I tried it out and the speed was impressive. Our research group had never submitted to this journal before, and we had no connections or contacts. The fact that it is a Q3 journal and still so efficient is a major plus. The editors are extremely efficient!! The impact factor has also increased this year, looking forward to it surpassing 4 next year!! 2022-07-26

Almost there, about a week or so, and it will be normal. It will be soon after that.


7.20 submission
The Initial assessment has been in this state until now, why does it feel like others are progressing quickly? ^-^ 2022-07-20

7.20 in peer review translates to "7.20 under peer review" in English. 2022-07-20

7.17 submit revised manuscript
7.18 returned by administrator (missing author information)
7.18 resubmitted on the same day, quickly changed to with editor status
7.20 with editor, hoping for early acceptance

没有伞的孩子 2022-07-13

One rejection and resubmission, one major revision, one minor revision, and finally another rejection and resubmission. It has been sent out for review again, hoping to receive good news. I beg, please.

云玩家 2022-07-06

Amazingly fast, it only took 12 days from submission to revision to acceptance!! I have never experienced such speed before. When faced with slower journals, it might still be in the hands of the editors after 12 days.

Thank you Dr. Karine Philippot, Associate Editor, for handling it so quickly. The review comments came back in 10 days, and after making two minor revisions, I submitted it the next day and it was accepted the day after!

Wishing NJC continued success and an increase in impact factor! 2022-07-04

7.4 Overhaul (two reviewers, one minor revision, one major revision, very fast, thanks to the editor and reviewers) 2022-07-04

It's really too fast.
6.20 Submission
6.24 Review (should be on the 24th)
7.4 Received response in the evening, two reviewers, one minor revision, one major revision, editor suggested major revision. Thank you editor, thank you reviewers.

MIGUOGUO 2022-07-04

Hello, may I ask if the order of the authors is consistent with the original text when you sign the authorization letter? In my authorization letter, the order of the authors is reversed: corresponding author, fourth author, third author, second author, first author. Does this have any impact? 2022-07-02

6.20 Submission
6.24 Reviewing
7.2 Still in review, hoping for good news

shoto 2022-06-28

Is there anyone who can reply, I want to know if this journal has a fee?

RM20 2022-06-21

I reply once a month.

化小白 2022-06-19

I want to ask, the first trial has granted a major revision, but no minimum deadline was given. I want to ask, how long will it take at the latest to receive the revised draft?

bioxiong 2022-06-17

Posted on April 19th, the same day it displayed "with editorial office." The next day it displayed "with editor," and the assigned associate editor was Akhila K. Sahoo.
On May 3rd, it displayed "with reviewers."
On May 22nd, it displayed that two review comments had been received.
On May 28th, the handling editor emailed feedback on the two review comments, one minor revision and one major revision, and provided the first-round review comments for major revision.
On May 31st, the revised manuscript was submitted, and the same day it displayed "with editor."
On June 3rd, it displayed "with reviewers."
On June 14th, an email response was sent regarding the second-round review comments, and the handling editor provided the final acceptance decision. The publishing editor extended an invitation for the front cover.
Overall, the reviewing process by external experts was relatively fast, with a status of "with editor" lasting for over three weeks. Akhila K. Sahoo, the associate editor, took about a week to select reviewers and evaluate review comments.

itsNAnaR 2022-06-07

My submission entered peer review on the same day, but today it still shows "with editor" and the time displayed is still the day of submission. Does this mean that the reviewers rejected the submission on the same day?

studying_123 2022-06-06

What happened after the peer review, with the editor again?

zyxwlk 2022-06-06

May I ask if your work is in the hands of the editor or the reviewer?

囿一个 2022-06-06

Just been accepted today, how exciting! Although I missed the June degree conferral time, this journal is really impressive! The cost-performance ratio is extremely high, from submission to acceptance, it took a total of 2 months. Thanks to the editor and reviewers for accepting my academic garbage, heart! Finally, I wish the impact factor goes up, up, up!
Submit: 4.7 (submitted for review within a week, forgot the specific day)
Major revision: 4.24 (the speed of the first review is amazing! Two reviewers, one major revision (12 questions) and one minor revision (5 questions), no need for additional experiments, the editor requested major revision)
Resubmit: 5.16 (I procrastinated too much, my fault, completely neglected it during the May Day holiday, it's too late to say anything now)
Accept: 6.6 (the second review seems to be on May 18th or 19th, I didn't expect the second review to take longer than the first! Both reviewers directly accepted, maybe... the editor went on a Dragon Boat Festival holiday)

学术羊 2022-06-06

Share the previous submission experience:
11.15 submitted
1.14 major revision
2.1 minor revision
2.2 accepted
Overall, it was quite fast, within two months, and during the holiday season, so I didn't feel too worried. Although there was a major revision in between, it was still accepted. Thank you very much, NJC. I hope it continues to improve.

王小黄 2022-06-06

It has been almost one and a half months since submission. I hope to be hired.

科研小白兔 2022-06-03

What can be done if the impact factor does not increase? The impact factor of RSC journals increases very slowly, such as CC, which is a classic journal and is also in the second quartile.

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