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yu12456687 2022-11-16

Little White, who has no relationship whatsoever, submitted an article to this journal for the first time and completed the paper on the 20th day. It was reviewed, revised, and accepted at lightning speed.

会飞的猪猪丫 2022-11-09

Submitted on October 17th, it is still in peer review.

yu12456687 2022-11-08

After submission, the speed of editing processing is very fast.

studying_123 2022-11-05

Just posted a status and received it right away.

studying_123 2022-11-05

It has been 18 days since the second review, and it is still in peer review.

锡昱 2022-10-26

2022.09.19 Transferred to NJC
2022.09.21 with editor
2022.09.23 in peer review (with editor and in peer review changed three times, indicating that the reviewers rejected the manuscript)
2022.10.17 minor revision (two sets of reviewer comments, a total of 10 points, no need for additional experiments)
2022.10.24 revised
2022.10.26 accepted
Overall, the process was very fast. The manuscript went through a couple of rejections but the editor quickly resubmitted it each time, without staying in the "with editor" status for long. Special thanks to Associate Editor Professor Luca Prodi.

lkk3 2022-10-20

There are a total of 12 opinions, I made a mistake.

lkk3 2022-10-20

There is no time limit for major repairs.

lkk3 2022-10-20

7-14 Submission
8-23 Major revisions, two major revisions, less than 20 suggestions, one additional experiment, the rest are responses to the reviewers.
8-31 Revisions required
9-16 Accepted without further revisions
Page numbers were assigned within a month.
Overall speed is relatively fast.

Miraitowa11 2022-10-15

Within one month is the best.

ytuy 2022-10-14

The feedback on my manuscript review indicates that it requires major revisions. However, no specific deadline for the response was provided. May I inquire about how many days are typically needed to respond to major revisions?

IMars 2022-10-14

May I ask if anyone knows how long the editorial department usually takes to send the publication permission email after the journal article is accepted? How long does it take for the article to be officially published?

huhu360 2022-10-10

I have already submitted, it has been 12 days, no news, still waiting.

Aust-zhao 2022-09-29

8-12 Submission
8-16 Editorial assignment
8-18 Assignment of 4 reviewers
8-31 Major revision after first review (43 comments; three major revisions, one rejection)
9-21 Revised manuscript returned
9-23 Major revision after second review (1 comment)
9-26 Revised manuscript returned
9-28 Accepted
Thank you, editor Maarten Roefaeers.

发sci的张同学 2022-09-27

One month and 3 days, very fast. Repair completed in 2 days upon receiving.

gogogogo 2022-09-26

What is your current status?

Fengyu Wu 2022-09-19

Why can't I open the publishing permission link for my article after it has been accepted?

B7EBC9BA 2022-09-11

The initial evaluation took two weeks, and then it was rejected and advised to transfer.

sciscisci 2022-09-11

It has been 11 days and it is still being edited in the office. It has not reached the hands of the editors yet. What is going on?

阿兰ya 2022-09-06

Mine too, I submitted it on the 19th, and it arrived in the editor's hands in the first three days. It is still being edited now.

爱睡觉的臭居居. 2022-08-30

Recently, it's really slow!

B7EBC9BA 2022-08-30

It has been 11 days for me, and I'm still in this state.

B7EBC9BA 2022-08-30

My submission on 8.19, it's still in the initial assessment stage today on 8.30. Has anyone experienced this situation before? Or how long will it continue? Seeking communication, QQ: 1617547006.


Is 8.25 still in the initial stage? Did you submit too many recently? I'm getting worried.

求推荐四区期刊(化学) 2022-08-18

Everyone, I have been rejected. Keep up the good work. 7 days for preliminary evaluation, 3 days with the editor, and then rejected.

Mr_Jk 2022-08-17

The manuscript review is super fast, with results in 11 days. Minor revisions are accepted.


8.13投稿 translates to "Submission on August 13th" in English.
8.15 initial assessment translates to "Initial assessment on August 15th" in English.

求推荐四区期刊(化学) 2022-08-09

8.3 Submission
8.9 Still in preliminary evaluation
I'm so anxious, why are some people so quick? Should I urge for my submission in this situation?
Is there anyone to communicate with? Q754280176

求推荐四区期刊(化学) 2022-08-08

It's already the sixth day and it's still a preliminary assessment. Is it going to fail?

求推荐四区期刊(化学) 2022-08-05

Original: 楼主我是8.3号投的,现在也是在initial assessment,有点焦灼。可以交流一下吗,我的Q754280176

Translation: Hi, I submitted my application on August 3rd and I am currently in the initial assessment stage. I feel a bit anxious. Can we communicate with each other? Here's my Q754280176.

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