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zhaocaimao115 2021-12-14

11.26 submit
11.29 initial assessment
12.06 with editor
12.14 in peer review

Let's see if we can get the results before New Year.

hqh 2021-12-13

Submission number 3, it's already the 13th and it's still in the submission status, it hasn't reached the editor yet.

晕苹果的猫 2021-12-13

Have you submitted it for review?

图嘎嘎嘎嘎 2021-12-08

Record it, hoping to receive good luck:
11-26 submission
12-8 with editor

图嘎嘎嘎嘎 2021-12-06

Realistically, I thought the review process would be quick. I submitted it on November 26th, and now it is still in the initial assessment stage. It's causing so much anxiety.

686888 2021-12-06

Still with the editor, it has been twenty days, and it hasn't been reviewed yet. Sigh.

科研废材321 2021-12-05

2021.11.19 Submission,
2021.11.27, Editor's Review (Manzhou Zhu)
2021.11.28, Submission (Hoping for good news)

Solid Support of Metal Nanoparticles and Organic Catalytic Synthesis

大漂亮臭宝子 2021-12-05

May I ask how to find and download the full text of the cover page, copyright page, table of contents, and personal sections after nanoscale is published?

byakuya 2021-12-03

The efficiency of this journal is extremely low, possibly due to being organized domestically. The majority of the editors are Chinese, and their work efficiency will definitely not be high. Although it is affiliated with RSC, it does not share the same article handling process. It seems to have its own set of procedures. I submitted on November 24th, and until December 3rd, a full ten days have passed without reaching the editor's hands, still in the initial assessment stage. This time, I fell into a pit. I will definitely not submit to it in the future.

686888 2021-11-29

Still with the editor, why hasn't the status changed for so long?

房间放卡里 2021-11-29

11.29 Editing rejected, not submitted for review.

686888 2021-11-26

It's been 10 days with editor. Give me a break, I'm waiting to graduate.

房间放卡里 2021-11-25

11.17 Submission
11.25 with editor
Hope to be reviewed.

执笔绘汝眸 2021-11-24

Submitted for modification and accepted within 24 days, it is possible that the communication type submitted was relatively fast.

686888 2021-11-23

Still editing in hand, hoping to submit for review, it's been two weeks of waiting.

yang0301 2021-11-19

10.26 Overhaul, two reviewers, their comments are really professional, and the article improved a lot after the revisions.
11.16 R1 comments received.
11.19 Accepted.
Thanks to the recognition and efforts of Editor Jinlan Wang, I hope both Professor Wang and Nanoscale will continue to thrive!

686888 2021-11-19

11.10, submission.
11.16, in the hands of the editor.
Waiting for news, hoping for approval.

544645645645 2021-10-15

10.15 in peer review

mmmmmqqq 2021-10-15

After the major renovation, I have returned and am currently working as a peer reviewer.

mmmmmqqq 2021-10-15

After the major renovation, it has returned and is currently in peer review.

论文研发者 2021-10-14

I was rejected this morning at 10:14, it took too long. Oh well, I'll go.

论文研发者 2021-10-13

9.22 Submission
9.25 Technical review
10.1 with editor
Currently 10.13 still with editor, it's progressing at a snail's pace. The editor is Zou Jin.

wft 2021-10-11

How fast is this journal? How long does it take approximately?

zfgf 2021-10-10

The estimated impact factor for the year 2021 is 8-8.5.

小生布谷 2021-10-07

25-May-2021 Submit
23-Jun-2021 Reject and Resubmit
07-Sep-2021 Resubmit
03-Oct-2021 Accept
Associate Editor Xiao Cheng Zeng Very professional, very efficient

25-May-2021 Submit
23-Jun-2021 Reject and Resubmit
07-Sep-2021 Resubmit
03-Oct-2021 Accept
Associate Editor Xiao Cheng Zeng Very professional, very efficient

yangch0301 2021-10-07

10.5 in peer review means that the subject or item being reviewed has received a score or rating of 10.5 out of a possible maximum score in the process of peer review.

高处不胜寒啊 2021-09-29

I submitted it on the 27th. Teacher, what's your current status?

yangch0301 2021-09-29

Submitted on 9.26

努力着 2021-09-13

Hello, may I ask which editor you have chosen? Which aspect does this journal require a higher level of?

mmmmmqqq 2021-09-08

Good luck to myself in the peer review process.

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