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304 2022-05-19

Yes, it is indeed slow, mainly because it is really slow. In the past two months, it has been mainly slow in finding reviewers. By the way, I would like to ask if this journal provides a chance for major revisions or just minor revisions?

Laaaaaaaaaaaaa 2022-05-17

Submission experience

Submitted on March 19, 2022
In peer review on April 3, 2022
It has been two months, and it is really slow.

1360722740 2022-05-03

It has been almost half a month since the initial assessment, what's going on?

明远 2022-04-27

It has been 11 days and I still haven't received any news.

Wenyi lu 2022-04-26

Why is RSC so slow recently? It's been ten days and it still hasn't reached the editor's hands.

认真脸 2022-04-19

I have also had an initial assessment for 11 days. It's so slow.

304 2022-04-19

The current processing speed is relatively slow, don't worry, please be patient, and continue with the editorial work.

Lemon Elfin 2022-04-19

Hello, I would like to ask about my submission. It has been 11 days and it is still in the initial assessment stage. Is this normal? Could there be any issues with my submission?

m小梦大半 2022-04-11

May I ask how long the "Initial assessment" status lasted after submission? I have been waiting for a week so far.

xtrnn 2022-03-17

Two reviewers
2022.2.8 Submit
2022.2.17 Under Review
2022.3.3 Major Revision
2022.3.16 Revision Submit
2022.3.17 Accept (Submitted for review)
Overall, it is very efficient.

Gormi 2022-03-02

2021.9.2 submit
2021.9.8 with editor
2021.9.12 in peer review Time is too long, and I don't know what the reviewers have been doing. I sent a reminder in between.
2022.1.11 major revision After 4 months, it finally came back. Three reviewers, 2 positive reviews, a total of 12 comments (added a small experiment), 1 reviewer mentioned that the work is similar to previous research and does not recommend publication without providing any comments (feels like they didn't read the article carefully).
2022.2.14 r1 submit Delayed due to Chinese New Year holiday.
2022.2.15 with editor
2022.2.24 accept Did not go through another review, the editor directly accepted it.

科研废材321 2022-02-10

Already published, external review for 20 days. Due to the addition of supplementary data, it was modified for one month, and after the resubmission, it was directly accepted within three days.

qoq 2022-01-17

Congratulations, congratulations! I want to ask how long it takes to receive it online.

queershanren 2022-01-13

2021-12-16 Submitted
2021-12-27 In peer review
2022-01-02 Major revision
2022-01-12 Revision Submitted
2022-01-13 With Editor
The speed is much faster than expected, hoping for a smooth acceptance!

jiuzhenfeng2014 2022-01-11

The classification of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is becoming more and more unreliable, so it's better to refer to the JCR classification.

wuzt 2022-01-11

There were four reviewers, with many opinions, very professional, and also had high expectations. There were four rounds of revisions, and the final round was so strict that it focused on the wording of a certain sentence. The strictest review encounter was with the submission to nanoscale.

Calore 2022-01-09

Too slow. Submitted on 21.12.16 and still not reviewed.

Dreahow 2022-01-07

2022.1.4 Submission, status: preliminary evaluation
2022.1.17 Rejection, suggested submission to OA sub-journal.

灿灿爹 2022-01-06

It dropped to Zone 2...

Leemean 2021-12-29

11.18 Submit
12.03 In peer review
12.15 Major revision - Two reviewers provided very professional comments.
12.25 R1 Submit - Christmas holiday.
12.27 In peer review
12.29 Accept
Thank you very much to Editor Li Quan for being highly efficient. I hope the journal continues to improve!

风起云白天蓝 2021-12-27

9.24 Submission
10.3 Under review
11.3 Rejected and resubmitted
12.21 Resubmitted
12.27 Accepted directly
Overall, it's not bad, but the time is a bit long. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) classification has also become a second-tier. Master's degree can graduate steadily.

图嘎嘎嘎嘎 2021-12-24

Back in the hands of the editor again.......because they don't work during Christmas overseas?

686888 2021-12-21

12.11送审 translates to "Submitted for review on 12.11."

图嘎嘎嘎嘎 2021-12-20

12-20 in peer review refers to the process of reviewing and evaluating scholarly articles or research papers by experts in the same field.

雷三炮 2021-12-20

I submitted two articles, and the results were given within two weeks after the review. The speed is still acceptable!

琪11111 2021-12-19

How long will the preliminary evaluation take to complete?

本站唯一昵称 2021-12-18

2021-10-30 Submission
Around ten days for review
2021-11-29 Minor revisions
2021-12-12 Submission of revisions
2021-12-16 Acceptance
The editor invited me to write a cover article, but when I inquired about it via email, they mentioned a fee of 1000 pounds. Due to financial constraints, I politely declined, which is a bit disappointing. Overall, the process has been quite efficient. The editor, Elena Shevchenko, has been very patient. This article has been with the AFM editor for over two months, and the review process with the Small Methods editor took another two months after being rejected. Additionally, there is another article that has been with Alloys and Compounds for two and a half months and has not been sent for review yet. In comparison, Nanoscale has been quite fast. I hope everyone can be more patient, as editors are likely busy towards the end of the year.

hhhhhhhhyy 2021-12-17

My application was rejected, yours should have results soon.

ever 2021-12-17

I submitted on the 9th, and currently it is still in the initial assessment. Has there been any change on your end?

hhhhhhhhyy 2021-12-14

12-8 has been submitted.

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