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10.3 avec l'éditeur translates to "10.3 with the editor" in English.


with editor 没?
without editor, no?


9.21 submission
9.23 initial assessment
9.29 initial assessment


The journal efficiency is too slow.

不读书的小胖 2022-09-26

Submitted on September 26th, on the same day went from Check to Initial assessment, hoping for good luck.

李十一 2022-09-23

9.23 with editor, good luck and success.

Jiangbaba 2022-09-23

9.23, accepted directly! The reviewers have given rave reviews!

Jiangbaba 2022-09-20

The review process is too slow! Submitted on 4.18, rejected and resubmitted on 7.10, revised on 9.2. I estimate it will be slow again.

李十一 2022-09-15

9.09 submitted
9.10 Initial assessment

Note: The translation provided is already in English.

一贱封神 2022-09-01

7.28 submitted
8.5 with editor
8.6 in peer review
8.10 with editor
8.11 in peer review
8.17 with editor
8.17 in peer review
In between, "with editor" and "in peer review" changed three or four times. The journal's reviewers review one at a time, so the process takes a little longer, but the editor's efficiency is high, with most papers being handled on the same day.
8.23 minor revision by two reviewers
8.29 revised
9.1 accepted

至安Ryan 2022-08-26

What documents do I need to prepare for submitting to Nanoscale? I couldn't find it on their official website.

lihui_thz 2022-08-17

6.24 submitted
8.9 major revision
8.17 accept

Translation: The term "metasurface" refers to a surface with engineered properties at the nanoscale. On June 24th, it was submitted for consideration. On August 9th, a major revision was requested. Finally, on August 17th, it was accepted.

optomechanics 2022-08-17

6.20 submitted
7.6 in peer review
7.27 major revision
8.5 resubmitted and in peer review
8.16 accept


6.20 - Submitted
7.6 - In peer review
7.27 - Major revision
8.5 - Resubmitted and in peer review
8.16 - Accepted

lyfree2022 2022-08-10

It has been a month since the submission was rejected for review. They said it lacks novelty and directly rejected it, which is quite slow. It feels like a waste of time.

lihui_thz 2022-08-09

Looking for new reviewers, I submitted on 6.26.

zxybycg 2022-08-03

Why do you keep going back and forth with the editor and in peer review? I'm crying. I submitted it on June 26th.

木菇 2022-07-29

A really terrible magazine, it was rejected after being submitted to JMCA, so I submitted it to this magazine instead.
The first editor rejected it and asked for answers to JMCA's questions, so I submitted it for review again.
It took 20 days to answer the questions, and when I resubmitted it, it was rejected again within a week, without even being reviewed.
Not to mention the slow response time, isn't this just playing with people? Whose time is being wasted? It's really frustrating.

zhuge1122 2022-07-01

5.1 Submission
5.31 Feedback: 2 minor revisions and 1 major revision
6.14 Submitted the revised manuscript
7.1 Accepted
The direction is MXene hybrid fillers. The review process was a little slow, but the comments for the major revision were very professional. Wishing the journal continued success.

话梅糖cc 2022-06-30

On June 30, 2022, it has been another month since the resubmission for review, but there is still no news. The teacher said that he hasn't received any emails regarding the acceptance of the manuscript. It has been almost three months since the resubmission on April 2nd... Could it be that the reviewers have forgotten about me...

话梅糖cc 2022-06-30

June 30, 2022, it has been another month since the resubmission for review, but still no news. The teacher said that he hasn't received any emails from the reviewers accepting the manuscript. It has been almost three months since I resubmitted on April 2nd... I hope the reviewers haven't forgotten about me...

Honr 2022-06-30

Those who have the opportunity for major repairs are doctoral students at the same level, and they are accepted after major repairs. However, there are also those who go on to pursue higher levels after major repairs.

president-D 2022-06-29

5.17 submit
6.7 in peer review
6.21 major revision (1 major revision, 1 minor revision)
6.27 revision submit
6.28 with editor
6.29 accept
It was relatively slow before submission, but it became faster afterwards.

304 2022-06-24

Recently, the review process may be a bit slow, for reference only, in the field of biomedicine.
3.11 submitted
3.20 with editor
3.29 in peer review
4.20 major revision (3 in favor, 1 against)
5.19 revision submitted
5.26 with editor
5.30 in peer review
6.23 accept

Laaaaaaaaaaaaa 2022-06-23

Recently, it has been quite slow. Thanks to Professor Kim from Rihwa Women's University for helping nanoscale improve more and more.

304 2022-06-22

Yeah, after making the revisions, I had to find the reviewer again. Hmm, I wonder if all the editors have been busy lately?

话梅糖cc 2022-06-22

5.27 became "with editor," 5.31 changed back to "in peer review," and until now, 6.22, there is still no news. Feeling anxious about it...

mmtj15 2022-06-09

It took me 18 days to become an editor, and the editor has also been three days, but there has been no change.

Xy 2022-06-08

It has been ten days, when will it be with the editor?

304 2022-05-25

Yes, recently it has been relatively slow, mainly due to the reviewers.

话梅糖cc 2022-05-25

Is nanoscale so slow recently? I resubmitted my rejected paper with a 4.2 rating, and the one with a 4.7 rating has been under review for almost two months and there is still no response... The initial review only took one month.

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