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student98 2023-03-05

Can I ask if the status of minor revision is only visible through email? Or is it possible to see the changes on the system as well?

student98 2023-03-05

How do you know that the reviewer has finished reviewing? Can you see it on the system?

大侠007 2023-03-04

It has been over a week since the two reviewers returned their comments, but the status of the manuscript is still "In peer review". I'm not sure if it's because one reviewer had positive feedback while the other had negative feedback, or if it's due to the addition of another reviewer. I hope it gets accepted soon.

大侠007 2023-03-01

The two reviewers have been reviewing for several days now, and it's still in peer review. When will I receive their feedback? I pray they don't reject it.

大侠007 2023-03-01

The reviewer has finished reviewing for a week already, but the editor here has been reviewing all along and has not provided any feedback yet. I don't know what's going on. If arbitration is needed, will the reviewer be increased? Can we see an increase in the tracking system?

洋洋子 2023-02-21

Submitted at the end of December, received comments from reviewers at the end of January, responded to the comments in mid-February, and today it was accepted! The editor and reviewers were very efficient. The suggestions proposed by both reviewers were excellent. Wishing the journal continued success and hoping to be listed in the top tier next year!

子木98 2023-02-17

Excuse me, may I ask the editorial department for recommendations? Do you have any suggestions, sir?

guoguo0901 2023-02-13

This year is still Tier 2 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. If it passes the evaluation after ten years, it is estimated to have no chance.

guoguo0901 2023-02-13

11.7 Submission
12.20 Minor repairs
1.3 Return response
1.23 Accept
It's considered fast.

guoguo0901 2023-02-13

The second nanoscale article has received decent reputation within the industry, but the partitioning is not very ideal.

2021FF 2023-02-06

I hope that this year I can pass the IF with a score of 10 and return to Zone 1 as soon as possible.

Galili 2023-02-03

Unfortunately, the AOM submission did not make it to the top. Fortunately, nanoscale, although it has a lower score, is still considered a top journal. Although I have always been unsure of how top journals are defined.

Galili 2023-02-03

Submitted on September 5th, return for major revisions by the end of September (1 major revision by reviewer, 1 minor revision, and major revisions by the editor). Accepted after submission in early October, published in November.

丁二八 2023-01-18

Difficult. There are too many nanotechnology journals.

Kreveng 2022-12-14

The current impact factor is not very good, it's only around 5.35 (many journals with similar impact factors are already close to 6). I feel that next year the final impact factor might stay the same or even decrease.

2021FF 2022-12-10

Will nanoscale return to the first category of the Chinese Academy of Sciences?

皇甫慧敏 2022-12-06

11.16 Submission
11.17 Editing
Afterward, it has remained unchanged...

CQDs 2022-12-05

I submitted it on November 2nd, and until now, I haven't received the first-instance result. The speed is really slow.

中科院岳麓山实验室院长 2022-11-28

10.27 Submission
11.14 Direct acceptance.
nanoscale horizons re-submission, obtained reviewer approval, no comments.

不读书的小胖 2022-11-23

en examen por pares

不读书的小胖 2022-11-23

The boss in the middle has been busy and has no time to check and make modifications. The editor sent two emails urging the submission of the revised draft. The boss messaged me at 6:30 in the morning and said the modifications have been made and re-submitted, within 2 minutes, with the editor. Hoping for good luck.

Q+Q 2022-11-22

What is the result? It has been over a month since the last submission, and it has been in the hands of the editor all this time! Could it be that after the editor's adjustments...

AlanChen6 2022-11-08

On August 11th, with the editor, I hope for good luck!

cs11 2022-11-02

What is your status? Is everything on vacation? It's been really slow lately. I submitted it on the 27th, but it hasn't reached the editor yet today.

AlanChen6 2022-11-02

Submitted on October 31st, the next day the status is "initial assignment". Hoping for good luck!

不读书的小胖 2022-10-20

10.20-Three reviewers, two minor revisions, one major revision, the editor is a German, and it is recommended to reply as soon as possible.

话梅糖cc 2022-10-08

0818 After more than four months of review, the manuscript has finally returned with minor revisions.
0901 Resubmit.
0905 Minor revisions.
0907 Resubmit.
0929 Minor revisions.
0929 Resubmit.
1008 Accept.
This article took more than a year and it was really difficult to submit. The waiting during the submission process was truly torturous...

不读书的小胖 2022-10-07

10.7---UR is not a complete sentence or text. It appears to be a fragmented or incomplete phrase. Can you please provide additional context or a full sentence for translation?

不读书的小胖 2022-10-07

"10.7号 UR" translates to "UR on the 10th of July."

不读书的小胖 2022-10-05

10.5 WE status

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