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乔纳森 2022-02-16

Hahaha, so unfortunate. Damn, how can it be like this? Didn't you remind them to submit the manuscript? Leave your contact information, I will add you.

kaito 2022-01-26

The article submission was rejected after three and a half months. I approached three reviewers, but one of them did not respond. I considered the opinions of the remaining two reviewers, one rejected it and the other suggested major revisions. The reviewer who rejected it is likely from the field of computer science and had a very disdainful attitude towards interdisciplinary applications, believing that it lacks technical substance. The second reviewer's opinion was more balanced, but provided fewer suggestions. In conclusion, I will not consider this journal in the future.

JackieTai 2022-01-14

3 reviewers, one minor revision, two major revisions, the associate editor's intention should also be to revise (All these argued problems need to be explained in a revised version), but! but! but! The editor gave a rejection (Final decisions on acceptance are based on the referees' reviews and such factors as restriction of space, topic, and the overall balance of articles; This article of yours has too many concerns that need to be addressed and may be very troublesome to revise, and there may not be enough time for it). Well, I can only wish TBD the best under the editor's guidance!

JackieTai 2022-01-06

May I ask, have you reminded them to submit the manuscript during this period?

Timotte 2022-01-06

SB Journal, drafted it, reviewed for 9 months, and in the end, they couldn't find a reviewer and rejected it, damn it.

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