Imaging - Science Track Award for Research Transition (I/START) (R03)

Grant Name
Imaging - Science Track Award for Research Transition (I/START) (R03)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
United States
February 16, June 16, October 16; LOI due 30 days prior
Grant Size
To be eligible for an I/START award, a proposed new investigator must be independent of a mentor at the time of award and be at the beginning stages of her/his research career. A proposed new investigator may not have served as the PD/PI on any Public Health-supported research project other than a small grant (R03), an Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15), an exploratory/developmental grant (R21), or certain mentored research career awards directed principally to physicians, dentists, or veterinarians at the beginning of their research career (K01, K08, and K12). Current or past recipients of Independent Scientist and other non-mentored career awards (K02, K04) are not considered new investigators. Established investigators may also be eligible for support through the I/START program if they are incorporating brain imaging methods for the first time in their research programsu00a0
Studies. The R03 Is Intended To Support Research Projects That Can Be Carried Out In A Short Period Of Time With Limited Resources. Budgets For Direct Costs Of Up To $150,000 Per Year And Is For A Period Of One Year Only.

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