Trusted and Elastic Military Platforms and Electronic Warfare (EW) System Technologies (TEMPEST)

Trusted and Elastic Military Platforms and Electronic Warfare (EW) System Technologies (TEMPEST)
Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,Automotive Engineering
October 11, 2024
Up to 200,000,000 USD with total funding of 808,505,000 USD
McCamey,Joshua(Program Manager)
AFRL/RYW has a need to investigate and developmethodologies, tools, techniques, and capabilities to identify susceptibilities andmitigate vulnerabilities in avionics systems, protect those systems against cyberattack, provide simulation capabilities required to develop, mature and transitionadvanced sensor and avionics technologies, develop platform architecture technologiesthat enable revolutionary and agile capabilities, and expand emerging open systemarchitecture standards and approaches for existing and next-generation Air Force andDoD weapon systems in multi-domain environments. The goal is to explore new andemerging concepts related to development, integration, assessment, evaluation, anddemonstration of cyber security, open system architecture (OSA), novel avionics andsensor technologies, and multi-domain technologies. For this solicitation, avionics isdefined to include manned, unmanned, autonomous, and remotely piloted vehicles,on-board Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems, ElectronicWarfare (EW) systems, munitions, and any equipment, component, or subsystem thatcould compromise mission assurance of the Air Force weapon system or tacticalplatform.


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October 11, 2024




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