Gokhan Serin

Turkey Independent researcher

Science Instruction through the Game and Physical Activities Course: An Interdisciplinary Teaching Practice
science education game physical activity interdisciplinary teaching
作者: Boyraz, C., & Serin, G.
发表期刊: Universal Journal of Educational Research
Two fifth grade teachers' use of real-world situations in science and mathematics lessons
classroom practices elementary teacher cognitive demand real-world situation
作者: Yanik, H. B., & Serin, G.
发表期刊: The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas
Alternative assessment practices of a classroom teacher: Alignment with reform-based science curriculum
curriculum implementation alternative assessment science education primary school
作者: Serin, G.
发表期刊: Eurasia Journal of Mathematics Science and Technology Education
Learning about weather through an integrated STEM approach
questioning cross-curricular links STEM science education
作者: Serin, G.
发表期刊: Primary Science