International Poster Challenger


Stage 1: Entry deadline 04/19 12:00 PM EST

Stage 2: Voting deadline 05/10 12:00 PM EST




First Prize: $250 Gift card + digital ribbon + Certificate of Award

Second Prize: $50 Gift card + digital ribbon + Certificate of Award

Third Prize: $25 Gift card + digital ribbon + Certificate of Award

Honorable Mention (places 4–6): $20 Gift card + digital ribbon

Entry will close in:
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Guidelines and Rules


The following is required for submission to the People’s Choice category:

  • One author must be designated as the corresponding author with an email address provided. Note that posters can only be uploaded by registered Peeref users (sign up here), and an ORCID iD must be provided upon submission.
  • All necessary files and information to provide:
    • Poster file (required) and supplemental documents (optional)
    • Poster details
      • Poster title
      • Author names and affiliations
      • Conference / event / meeting information
      • Keywords
      • Poster summary
      • References
  • Relevant research areas
  • Declarations and statements (funding and data availability information, conflicts of interest, licensing agreements)

For the Best Presentation category the following is also required for submission:

  • A video presentation of 1-3 minutes in length
  • Videos must be provided in a downloadable format via a URL link (Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Video presentations must include understandable audio
  • Presentations will be evaluated by a panel of judges based on layout, readability, data visualization, an overall communication impact.
  • Ten finalists will be selected and notified after the 1st round
  • The ten finalists will pass through a voting period on Peeref to determine the winners


  1. By submitting to the Poster Competition, the entrant agrees to abide by the Competition Rules and Peeref’s Terms of Use.
  2. All entries must be the original work of the entrant, in English. Plagiarism, without the written consent of the original author, will result in disqualification.
  3. All entries are final. No revisions are accepted.
  4. Entries for the Best Presentation category will be judged by a panel, and the finalists will be added to the entries list for final voting by Peeref users.
  5. Winners will be notified via email and through an announcement on the platform.
  6. Peeref accepts scholarly posters in PDF format (maximum size of 10 MB). Once received, poster submissions undergo our basic screening checks and are posted to Peeref within 24-48 hours.
  7. Authors are welcome to upload additional files as supplementary material for their poster (e.g., published manuscripts, videos, data, figures). Before uploading previously published documents, please review the conditions of your publisher.
  8. The submitting author must provide their ORCID iD to publish a contribution on Peeref.
  9. During submission, please enter all authors in the order they appear on your poster. Designate the corresponding authors as appropriate, providing an email address for each corresponding author. Co-authors who are not corresponding authors may provide email addresses, but this is not required.
  10. All authors must have an affiliation provided as part of submission.
  11. Details of the conference, meeting or event the poster is associated with must be provided during the submission process.
  12. A Poster Summary is required for submission. The Poster Summary cannot be a copy of the abstract used for conference submission. The Poster Summary should briefly state (100 words maximum) the purpose of the research, the primary results and the major conclusions.
  13. Authors must declare any potential conflicting interests arising from personal, financial or professional/academic relationships or dependencies that may have influenced their objectivity or professional judgment. Authors should declare any conflicting interests in the poster submission form.
  14. Peeref requires authors to include a Data Availability Statement, documenting where the data used in their poster can be found. Authors should check the relevant statement in the poster submission form, providing the persistent link to their dataset if appropriate.
  15. Posters are published under a CC-BY 4.0 license, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited, and leaves the copyright with the current copyright holder (typically the author or their institution).
  16. Posters published on Peeref receive a digital object identifier, or DOI. Once a poster submission is reviewed by our in-house team and the content is confirmed to meet the requirements and scope of Peeref, it will be assigned a DOI. DOI assignment typically takes 24-48 hours.
  17. Posters can only be removed from Peeref before being assigned a permanent DOI. Once the content has been assigned a DOI, the poster cannot be removed from the platform.
  18. It is the authors’ responsibility to ensure that all research is conducted in accordance with the appropriate ethical standards relevant to the specific research discipline. We strongly recommend that authors abide by good scientific practice and publishing standards for content posted on Peeref.
  19. Peeref reserves the right to retract and remove content from the platform that is found to be inappropriate and/or fraudulent. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information.

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People's Choice

24 Posters for Voting
Determination of total iodine using ICP-MS in Israeli bottled and tap water: method development and application
Vasiliy Rosen
Vote 3 votes
Occupational Hazards Associated with Quality and Training Needs in Public Health Inspectors in Greece
Ioannis Adamopoulos
Vote 1 vote
Cyber-Victimization Trends in Trinidad & Tobago: the Results of an Empirical Research
Troy Smith
Vote 0 vote
Facebook and TikTok Addiction in Trindiad and Tobago: Prevalence and Predictors
Troy Smith
Vote 0 vote
Workplace Environment and Burn Out in Public Health Workforce Inspection Services in Greece During Covid 19 Pandemic
Ioannis Adamopoulos
Vote 0 vote
Improvements In Regional Left Ventricular Function After Late Percutaneous Coronary Intervention After Anterior Myocardial Infarction
Srilakshmi Adhyapak
Vote 2 votes
Sea Level Rise Induced Impacts on Coastal Areas of Bangladesh and Local-Led Community-Based Adaptation
Bishwajit Roy
Vote 1 vote
A Rare Case of Neurofibroma of the Anterior Abdominal Wall
Dr.Lakshya Mittal
Vote 0 vote
Access to sexual and reproductive health services among adolescents and young people in primary health care centres in Ibadan, Nigeria
Emmanuel Adebayo
Vote 2 votes
Facile synthesis MXene (Ti3C2Tx) Decorated with Palladium Nanoparticles for Electrochemically CO Oxidation
belal salah
Vote 0 vote
Development of dye-sensitized solar cells using algal-based natural dyes for climate change mitigation
Vote 20 votes
A tale of two cancers: managing dual synchronous primary endocrine malignancies
Prashant Gupta
Vote 0 vote
Identification of Novel Lectins from Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, and Expression Analysis in Response to Vibrio harveyi and M. rosenbergii nodavirus
Bharat Bhusan Patnaik
Vote 0 vote
Green synthesis of Solanum xanthocarpum mediated selenium nanoparticles and its biomedical applications
Vote 1 vote
Climate Change, Environmental Factors and Dengue in Africa
Christine Giesen
Vote 21 votes
An exploratory analysis of the relationship of problematic Facebook use with loneliness and self-esteem: the mediating roles of extraversion and self- presentation
Troy Smith
Vote 1 vote
Green composites for fertilizer controlled release produced by compression molding and FDM
Maria Clara Citarrella
Vote 29 votes
Arsenic based traditional herbometallic nanodrug targeting energy metabolism in metastatic breast cancer: a therapeutic approach
Bhuban Ruidas
Vote 25 votes
A side-chain tripeptide based PEGylated block copolymer: a potential drug candidate in Alzheimer’s disease translational therapeutics
Sutapa Som Chaudhury
Vote 8 votes
Tensile and torsional loads stress distribution along the drill string for deep wells
Dr lallia belkacem
Vote 0 vote
Optimal design of linear consecutive systems
Valeriu Beiu
Vote 0 vote
The possibility of using the 2024 aluminum alloy drill pipe that was processed superficially to reduce failure during dynamic loading
Dr lallia belkacem
Vote 0 vote
A predictive psychological health model for women performance at work
Vote 0 vote
Work sharing as a metric and productivity indicator for administrative workflows
Charles Roberto Telles
Vote 0 vote
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