Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation Award

Grant Name
Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation Award
Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Foundation
Research Area
Cancer Biology
Cancer Genetics
Cancer or Carcinogenesis
Cancer Prevention
April 15, 2022
Grant Size
Upper CHF1,000,000CHF The award includes:- Funding up to the amount of CHF 1,000,000 over 4 years, for an outstanding cancer-related research project.- A personal prize of CHF 50,000 awarded to the successful principal investigator.
Contact Info
Ms. Marie-Louise Messerli messerli@pyl.unibe.ch
Priority will be given to applications from scientists based within European institutions.
The Foundation announces the call for 2021 Cancer Research Award for those who are:
- innovative investigators early in their careers;
- involved in projects in basic and/or clinical cancer research (specifically, the translation of new basic/theoretical insights into clinical applications); and
- able to provide the infrastructure needed to carry out the proposed project. Eligibility Priority will be given to applications from scientists based within European institutions.

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April 15, 2022

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