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Commented on Hans-Eggenberger Stiftung | Research funding on electronics, electrical energy engineering
I'm a Ph. D candidate in laboratory Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Signal Processing of National Advanced School of Engineering, Yaounde. My field of research is in the optimization of the production of electrical energy (hydroelectric, thermal, pv, wind, ...) through artificial intelligence. my work as a research master allowed me to propose an algorithm of the Hopfield neuron network combined with the secant method that I compared to algorithms such as the particle swarm and Lagrange.I also used ant colony and genetic algorithms in my anterior works. Currently, I am working on the optimization of the production of the Songloulou hydroelectric power station using methods derived from artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning). My email address is daniel_mbadjoun@univ-douala.com or eutychedan@gmail.com