Lakshmi Nilakantan

India University of Missouri, Columbia

I had a pleasant experience with my publication in Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (JOMC) (2017, 844, 30-34). I was a student and was the corresponding author in that paper. The reviewers were very quick and got back to us in exactly two weeks from the date of submission. Both reviewers were positive on the chemistry front with useful comments. It was exciting and surprising with such quick reviewing process. Another significant aspect was, when we had difficulties in submitting the CIF files for the final publication I had contacted the customer support center for help. They tried their best however in vain; they suggested e-mailing the editor. The editor’s response surprised me; he got back in just twenty minutes to our request, and helped in successful submission of CIF files to complete the publication process. Based on the above personal experience, I am looking forward publishing my future papers in JOMC.