Neil Morte

United States Georgia Southern University

12/08/2021 Commented on the paper Epidemiology of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Facilities
These are the kinds of perspectives that go under the radar, but looking at public health issues that go on simultaneously just as this is critical.
12/08/2021 Commented on the paper Anne Johnson: Dame of public health epidemiology
She has done such amazing work especially in the area of HIV, and certainly an inspiration in the field of public health.
12/05/2021 Commented on the paper Enhancing neurosurgical education: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
I do agree that virtual education is a great alternative. Certainly hard to replace in-person learning, but great to see initiatives in a lot of fields to make up for some of that with virtual resources and opportunities.
12/04/2021 Commented on the paper Conceptualization of college students’ COVID-19 related mask-wearing behaviors using the Multi-Theory Model of health behavior change
I agree! It is like many other behaviors where that just won't even get them to at least think or consider about making a change.
12/01/2021 Commented on the paper Prevalence of depression and its related factors among Chinese women with breast cancer
Clinical depression was shown to be 13% in this study. I wonder how much of an impact Asian culture makes as shown in other studies where stigma plays a huge role to not seek help or make acknowledgement.
11/27/2021 Commented on the paper Adolescent Exposure to Weight Loss Imagery on Instagram: A Content Analysis of “Top” Images
The images may not be informative and even if it links to helpful information, the images are upfront and that is not beneficial as it relates to healthy eating or body imagery. It would be helpful if the images portrayed this positivity and information for healthy nutrition and exercise related content.
11/26/2021 Commented on the paper YouTube and Radiology: The Viability, Pitfalls, and Untapped Potential of the Premier Social Media Video Platform for Image-Based Education
You can definitely learn a lot from educational YouTube videos. As long as there is accurate and engaging material, people will use it to study and learn. My personal problem would be the temptation of looking at leisure videos and music while on the platform haha
11/25/2021 Commented on the paper Demographic Trends in US HIV Diagnoses, 2008–2017: Data Movies
With data, visuals are always helpful!
11/23/2021 Commented on the paper Foot Arch Height and Quality of Life in Adults: A Strobe Observational Study
Same! Despite the non-finding, I wonder if a larger study was done to confirm.